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Erin Cookman MISS SHITSKEY / CD Digipack


Track Listing:

1. I Hate My Friends
2. Silence Bears No Sound
3. Mirage
4. Forgetting You
5. Tired Bones
6. Miss Shitskey
7. Ha Ha Ha
8. Kick
9. Pentobarbitol
10. Soul Trade
11. Stale Breakfast

All music and lyrics written by: Erin Cookman (EXCEPT FOR the line 'Joyride in a hearse' featured in Miss
Shitskey, originally written by Chantal 'Nique' Sage)
All vocals sung by: Erin Cookman
All recordings and mixing done by: Brenden Johnson
Art Design & Layout by: Rob Trisler
Photographs by: Matt Angelo @ Flux Photography Studios
and Scene One Studios (
Executive Producers: Dave Dalton & Rob Trisler