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Die Laughing Mystery Box - ($80 value)

$35.00 - On Sale

The Die Laughing Mystery Box has been created for the pure excitement and intrigue you feel such as when you get a package you did not expect coming to you in the mail. The boxes will always contain music, we guarantee you that! However, the format(s) included could be CD, Vinyl and even download cards. We will also in some of the boxes include band shirts and CDs from the Die Laughing label (we will look at your order history, don't worry about duplicates if you have bought one off our website before, we won't send a duplicate if you are a repeat customer), Buttons, Stickers, bands we likes music and swag. Maybe even picks, or other music related items. You will have fun with this and no box will ever be the same.

NOTE: make sure to let us know your t-shirt size when ordering. This is meant to be fun and is. We will ship this out normally next morning after order. Enjoy!